General Information

Checkout Policy

How many books may I check out at a time?

Kindergarten = 1 book

1st - 2nd = 2 items

3rd = 3 items

4th = 3 items (additional items allowed for reports or projects)

5th = 3 items (additional items allowed for reports or projects)

*items include books, magazines, leap pads and playaways


How long may I keep the items I check out?

All items are checked out for 10 school days.

To renew an item just bring the book to the media center and re-check it out.


What happens if I have an overdue or lost item?

There are no fees for overdue items.  However, you will not be able to check out more items until your overdues are returned.  Fees will be charged for lost or damaged items so they may be replaced.

Karen Soper

Playaway Permission Slip (Grades 3-5)