Dear Angus Family,

My name is Jason Clark, and I write this having been appointed the new principal of Angus Elementary School only two days ago. I am excited to be an Eagle and look forward to being able to listen to, learn from, and help every member of our Eagle family SOAR to new heights.

Before I talk about myself I want to thank all of the members of the Eagle family that have given freely of their time for me in the last few days. I want to thank Ms. McClenathan for all of the help she has given and contin-ues to give as she assumes her new role as the Principal of Warren Consolidated Schools Career Prep Center. I know that she will be missed and the Angus Family’s loss is CPC’s gain. I want to thank Ms. Bright for all of the work that she has done as the interim principal here at Angus. She has been and will no doubt continue to be both an amazing teacher and an incredible leader in the Angus family. I want to express my sincerest gratitude to Ms. Wilson and Ms. Garavaglia as they help me to understand the inner workings of the school. They have put in countless hours of work to make sure we are ready for all of our Eagles as they come to us each day. Fi-nally, I want to thank the rest of the Angus team for welcoming me and sharing their hopes, wishes, and dreams for our school and our Angus family.

I come to Angus beginning my 17th year in Warren Consolidated Schools. I started as a teacher at Carter Mid-dle School and have taught in several of our middle schools. I assumed the position of Assistant Principal of Carleton Middle School at the end of the 2014-2015, a position that I have held until coming to join the Angus family. My time at Carleton was special and I enjoyed the opportunity to work with our staff and students as we built a positive learning focused culture together. The Carleton family will hold a special place in my heart and I am excited to build a new home focused on listening, learning, and positive relationships here at Angus.

On a personal note, I am entering my 17th year of marriage with my wife and best friend. We have three chil-dren, with our oldest boy entering eighth grade, our middle son going into fourth grade, and our daughter be-ginning second grade. We have been blessed with three amazing and different children who have had some great learning experiences. I promise to, along with our staff, continue to make sure that Angus is a school we would be proud to send our children to.

As an educator I believe that Literacy, Math, and attendance should be the focus of every school. Our children will be prepared for all of our dreams for them if we can teach them the essential skills, as well as the ability to come to school each day with a positive attitude. At Angus our staff is committed to working with our students, and parents as part of the Eagle family to make sure that all of our children are ready to be caring and responsi-ble individuals.

Speaking of attendance, Count Day is October 3rd and school funding is based on the number of students attending a school district. Quite literally, Student Count Day is "how we pay our bills." Please work with me to ensure that as many of our Eagles as possible are present at Angus every day.

In closing, please know that I look forward to meeting each and every member of the Angus family this year.

Go Eagles!

Mr. Jason Clark