School Privileges

  • Lockers.... Are not to be shared. Getting More!
  • Agendas....must be used to leave a classroom and lunch room.
  • ID’s...please wear them around your neck at all times. $5 replacement cost. Incentives!
  • Electronic devices may be used in some classrooms. Know your teacher’s policy! This includes cell phones, ipods, mp3’s, and hand-held games.
  • 1st offense. Confiscated and returned to parent
  • 2nd offense. Confiscated and put in June box or suspension.
  • Use of cameras and photo taking devices is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!


  • For every 3 tardies during a 5 week reporting period, a student’s behavior grade will be lowered.
  • If a student gets 2 “N’s” or 1”U”, the student cannot participate or attend any after-school activities until they no longer have 2 “N’s or 1 “U”. This will also affect you being able to play on a sports team.
  • If you are late to school, you must check in at the office. The outside doors are locked at 8am.
  • Tardy sweeps will occur whenever too many students are tardy. Detentions will be issued.
  • It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITYto be on time


  • Common sense is the basic guideline for appropriate dress for school. Most clothes are acceptable, as long as they are neat and clean and do not interfere with the educational process. We rely on you to exercise good taste and judgment. We rely on parents to advise their children of appropriate dress.
  • We will follow the following DRESS CODE guidelines:DRESS CODE
    • Outdoor wear (coats, jackets, hats etc) in the classrooms, halls, and the cafeteria. Coats and headwear must be kept in lockers.
    • Hats, caps, scarves, or bandanas are not to be worn inside the building; they are to be kept in student lockers during the day, unless required in class for safety reasons.
    • Shorts must be mid-thigh or longer.
    • Bare midriff tops, halters, revealing tops, muscle shirts, mesh clothing, see through clothing, blouses or shirts with string type straps or tank tops. All shirts and blouses MUST HAVE SLEEVES.
    • Skirts, shorts and dresses must be mid-thigh or longer.
    • Clothing and accessories with offensive words and symbols or accessories, alcohol or drug related sayings or symbols (including guns or tobacco products).
    • Tight fitting clothing or clothing of spandex-type material. This includes YOGA PANTS!
    • Any type of cut-offs, i.e. jerseys, sweats, or pants.
    • Underwear and sleepwear as outer clothing, slippers not to be worn as shoes.
    • Sunglasses, unless a written prescription from a doctor is provided.
    • No holes or tattered fabric in pants above the knees.
    • No chains or sharp objects or exposed undergarments.
    • Any other clothing that is deemed inappropriate by the school staff.
    • If we see your underwear, you will be warned once, and then sent home!
    • No inappropriate words or pictures on bracelets