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A Pledge and Commitment form must be completed and on file to participate in extracurricular activities.


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Anime & Card Club 
Anime & Card Club

9/30/21                  3/31/22

10/28/21                4/28/22

1/27/22                  5/26/22

Room 408


Students can bring their Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  Students can also draw Anime.  The meetings will be on Thursdays once a month.

Ecology Club
Ecology Club


Room 501

Mrs. Tropper:


Mrs. Wygant:


Carter's Ecology Club has earned the highest rating of Evergreen from the Macomb County Green Schools Program.  Congratulations!

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Robotic Club


Mondays and Wednesdays

2:45 - 4:00pm

Room 401

 Please contact Mr. Holtvluwer:


Yearbook Club

To Be Determined