Carter Counselors

Last Names:  M - Z

Mrs. Stabile


Counseling Secretary

Ms. Wiederhold


Students . . .  How to Schedule an Appointment


  • Bring your Agenda to the Counseling Office
  • Sign up for a time
  • Give your Agenda to the Counseling Secretary to write you a pass
  • Ask permission from your teacher to leave class and report to the Counseling Office for your appointment

Scheduling Cards:  2019-2020 School Year


Parenting Tips for Struggling Students

Parents, please click on the link below for some helpful tips . . .

 Help is on the way

PSAT Test Information

Parents & Students

Please click on the link below to prepare for the upcoming PSAT Test which is now required for all 8th graders.

It's never too soon to prepare for this important test.

PSAT Test Practice Link 


Suggested School Supply List

 School Supply List


Suggested Supplies

  • 2 Pocket folder w/matching spiral notebook for each subject (ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, Elective)
  • #2 Pencils & Erasers
  • Pens (at least 1 of each:  black, blue & red)
  • Colored Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Pencil Box
  • Glue Stick
  • Flash Drive
  • Backpack

Most teachers have a more specific list for their class.  Once students have received their class schedule at Carter Cougar Days, they may look at their individual teacher's webpage.  Go to the Carter Website, click on School Information, then Classroom Webpages.   

online tutoringOn-line Tutoring Resources

If you feel that your student would benefit from additional help, please try one of the links below . . .

HOT 50 - Michigan's High-Demand High-Wage Careers

Addiction can start in your medicine cabinet

ADDICTION . . . can start in YOUR medicine cabinet

Parents!  Did you know that ?  Click here for more information

CLASSES:  Parenting, Stress, Academics, Etc.

Parent Resources 

Academic Achievement Group - Building Motivation, confidence, and initiative in academically struggling Middle School students

Parenting the Out of Control Child

The Parent E.D.G.E. - Parenting Teens with Self-Injurious Behaviors

Perspective Counseling Centers - Groups & Workshops


 Library Card

Every WCS student has a library card READY and waiting to be used!

Click Here for Instructions

College & Future Career Trends

The above video link that would be great for parents to watch regarding college and future career trends for our students.

Okay to Say

OK2SAY encourages confidential tips on criminal activities or potential harm directed at students, school employees, or schools.
Click here for more information