Drees Code

District policy states that nothing should be worn to school that is "indecent, unsafe, unhealthy, causes a distraction, or has the potential to damage school property". A student's dress appearance at school should create an atmosphere conducive to learning. Parents will be contacted if objectionable clothing is worn to school. Students will be required to change into clothes that are appropriate for school.  General rule for shorts is that they be no shorter than fingertip length, however, that will be up to the discretion of the administrators.  Also, please remember, boy's pants must not be falling off them. In addition, holes in pants are NOT allowed at Carter Middle School.


Unacceptable Clothing

Indecent, inappropriate or clothing that disturbs the classroom.

Hats and Coats must be stored in the students locker.

Bare midriffs, tank tops, spandex, skimpy tops, tube tops, transparent or mesh tops.

Short shorts, cut-off sweat shorts, or cut-off jeans.

Boxer shorts, underwear or sleepwear as outer garments.

Garments advertising alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, profanity, offensive or derogatory words, pictures or symbols.

Clothes that have holes in them.

Any other clothing that is deemed inappropriate by the school administration.

After School Phone Use

Students are NOT permitted  to use the office phone after school.  There is a phone available for use, at no cost, in the entrance lobby of the school.  PLEASE make arrangements with your student BEFORE school pertaining to rides, after-school activities, etc.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated

Cell Phone Use

We know many students have cell phones. However, they are NOT to be on or used during the school day. They should remain in the locker, or not to be visible on the student. If use is observed, the phone will be turned into the office, and a parent must pick it up. The 2nd time, the phone is taken away and donated to charity.

Tardy Policy

A district wide tardy policy has been designed to promote the responsibility of students being on time for classes. Tardiness to school and to classes throughout the day are both covered by the 3-5-7 tardy policy. The policy is divided into levels and each level will determine the action to be taken by the teacher or administrator. Records for tardies shall be kept by the semester, not by cardmarking.