VISION: Cousino High School will expect high levels of learning from all students.
MISSION: The mission of Cousino High School is to prepare students for continued growth as post secondary students.

PRINCIPAL: Bradley Perkins

Announcements & Quick Links

  • Parent Portal

    Parent Portal

    Parent Portal is a Web application that provides parents with direct access to student data.
  • School Calendar

    School Calendar

    Includes school activities, athletic try-outs and more…
  • CPC Showcase 2018

    CPC Showcase 2018

    Thursday, February 15th from 6:30pm - 8pm @ Career Prep Center
  • SANP


    Sign up for senior all night party! NOW ONLY $80!
  • Senior Calendar

    Senior Calendar

    Senior Calendar 2018
  • Attendance Policy

    Attendance Policy

    Being on time is a life skill that is important to each student's future.
  • Payment and Fines

    Payment and Fines

    To pay fees and fines including registration, textbook, ID, school events and athletic fees.
  • Blackboard


    A virtual learning environment and course management system.
  • Parking Permit

    Parking Permit

    Parking Permit rules, guidelines and application.
  • Varsity Jacket

    Varsity Jacket

    Information to place an order for a CHS Varsity jacket.
  • FREE Tutoring

    FREE Tutoring

    From CHS National Honor Society - Wednesday 2:30PM - 3:30 PM in the Media Center.
  • Wolverine Tutoring

    Wolverine Tutoring

    Online Tutoring
  • Class of 2031

    Class of 2031

    2018-19 Kindergarten Registration Meeting