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West House Office:
(586) 698-4220

Attendance Message Line: (586) 698-4506 

Fax: 586-698-4204 - ext 12904

Office Hours:
Lunch 10:10 - 11:00AM


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  • Discipline H-O
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West House

Attendance Office - Last Name  H - 0

Carol McCloskey - A.P. Secretary -  ext 12947

Absence/Early Dismissal H - 0

Attendance Message Line: (586) 698-4507                                                                                 

Prearranged Absence/Homework Request

Parents/Guardians must contact an Assistant Principal before requesting for homework. They may ask for homework for students on the 3rd day of their absence on the absence line for their students by their last name. Please allow at least a 24 hour turnaround time for the office staff to collect homework.  Parents/Guardians will be contacted once homework is ready for pick up. Homework may be picked up in the main office.