Welcome to Robotics & Mechatronics

 Electronics Technology is a growing industry that is expanding rapidly into many areas within telecommunications, biotechnology and automation. Industry and businesses rely on electronics technology for creating, manufacturing, and maintaining industrial machinery and processes. 

Robotics & Mechatronics I

This is an introductory course for beginners in electronics. The basics of DC and AC electronics are covered. The course also introduces: digital electronics, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, semiconductors, oscillator, amplifiers, soldering, lasers & fiber optics, and power supplies. The course finishes with AM & FM broadcast technologies where the students build their own AM/FM radio kits and keep the finished product. 

Academic credits: 2 elective credits, Applied Math I - 1 credit, visual, performing, applied arts - 1 credit.


Robotics & Mechatronics II

This is a preparation course for the A+ certification exam. Nearly 90 labs with hands on and written assignments will be covered in this year long course. This is a nationally recognized computer repair and maintenance certificate program covering all areas of desktop computer technology. Networking is introduced including installing and making network cables. This class has a lab fee that covers the cost of a computer kit that the students build and take home upon completion of the course.

 Academic credits: 2 elective credits, 1 Dual Enrolled (Macomb Community College ) Math Credit, 4 Math Credits at Macomb Community College.