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 Pre-Engineering &
Computer-Aided Design 1 (CAD 1)

Students will use AutoCAD (Automated Computer-Aided Design) and SolidWorks in the creation of drawings and 3D geometry in both standard and metric measurements. Instruction will be given through a combination of lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on projects and experiments.

Pre-Engineering &
Computer-Aided Design 2 (CAD2)

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to advance their skills for success in modern engineering, design, and renewable technologies careers in a project based, pre-engineering setting. Students will participate in real world learning through participation in engineering competitions, hands-on engineering projects and experiments, and product development. Areas of study will include renewable and sustainable energy, aerospace and aeronautics, fluid dynamics product development and packaging, manufacturing materials and processes, rapid proto-typing, product rendering, and advanced computer-aided design. Students will learn to use CREO Elements and NX engineering software. 

Math credit may be earned for the fourth-year graduation requirement if taken as a senior. This course fulfills the Visual, Performing Arts requirements.