Welcome to Computer Information Systems
(Programming/Web Design)

This course provides students the fundamentals of programming, 2D & 3D game development. Students learn HTML, Dreamweaver, Visual Basic, C++, Java,/JavaScript, Python, MYSQL, query language, as well as database development and management. Students also program mobile iOS and Android apps. Second year students learn higher-level and explore more advanced programing and game development concepts. Eligible second year students have the opportunity to earn college credit for the course.

CPC Computer Information Systems


Gain a well-rounded background in the major areas of Programming, Web Design and Information Technology (IT). Students are immersed into the world of current technology providing them the opportunity to apply their skill-set in programming and IT in order to develop business related solutions. Academic credits: 2 elective credits, math related I - 1 credit, visual, performing, applied arts - 1 credit.


CPC Computer Information Systems


You will blaze a path for success and be the leader! The advance students assume leadership roles, with a concentration on pathways to certifications while taking their skills to the next level by working on special projects. Academic credits: 2 elective credits, math related II - 1 credit. Articulations (maintaining B average): Baker college up to 26 credits, Davenport up to 22 credits, Macomb up to 14 credits.