Welcome to Culinary Arts

Here at the CPC Grille our students work hard not only to learn the basics of the kitchen but to also expand their ability to work with others and gain valuable experience needed in the work force. In this program you will learn the basics of culinary. You'll learn about kitchen safety, sanitation, knife skills, and cooking methods. The program is not just about culinary. This program helps each of the students gain valuable experience working in groups, problem solving together, in a real work environment.

For more information about our Culinary Arts program, please visit our website at wcscareerprepcenter.weebly.com


 Culinary Arts I

Students will learn basic knife skills, cooking techniques, baking skills, and serving skills. Students will also participate in a student run restaurant business which serves the public and the student body at the Career Preparation Center.

Culinary Arts II

Second year students will have the pleasure of working with younger students and teach the basic skills. These students will also have the opportunity to design and build their own business. Students will learn different cooking methods and challenge themselves with current restaurant standards. The menu at the CPC Grille is developed by the students in the course.