Welcome to Emergency Medical Technician/Basic (EMT)

CPC EMT students will receive exposure to a variety of careers including Paramedic, Firefighting, Law Enforcement, Nursing, Emergency Medical Dispatching and many other levels of specialty healthcare providers. Our course includes hands-on field training in the emergency room at St. John Macomb Hospital and also ambulance road experience with an EMS crew at Universal Ambulance in Sterling Heights. Other special events scheduled for the year include touring the CREST Center at Oakland Community College which features a state of the art burn tower as well as police and emergency rescue drill sites, a visit from an air rescue service that will land a helicopter and crew utilizing our training to set us landing zones and a demonstration on how to use the jaws of life to extricate trapped patients from damaged vehicles.

There is no greater honor in life than to have the opportunity to help another human being. CPC EMT students not only gain career opportunity and valuable job skills, they will also gain confidence, compassion, humility and pride in knowing they have the ability to save a life and make a difference in the world.

This senior-only class will cover the care and treatment of critically ill and injured patients in an emergency setting. Students will acquire a working knowledge of practices and procedures in the field of emergency care, such as patient assessment, vital signs, splinting, bandaging, and treatment of burns and shock. Students with a "B" average or better in class will be eligible to participate in unpaid clinical hours at designated sites after school. Students who successfully complete the written and practical portions of the course will be eligible to take the National Registry Examination and apply for State of Michigan Licensure as a Basic EMT when they are 18 years old. Academic credits: 2 elective credits, Medical Math - 1 credit.