Computer Information Systems I

If you love computers, this program is for you! This comprehensive program consists of two classes that give a well rounded background in the major areas of Information Technology (IT). Students are immersed into the world of current technology providing them the opportunity to apply their skill-set in programming, networking and develop business related situations.

Students use computers to solve business related problems. Game programming will be introduced. HTML code is emphasized so web pages can be created in notepad without using application software. Microcomputer application software packages such as Dreamweaver, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are taught. Students will apply programming logic to develop, code, and debug structured computer programs in C and Visual Basic. Students are also instructed in menu and screen design, database development, and query language.

Academic Credits (earned upon successful completion):

  • 2 Elective credits
  • Math Related I - 1 credit
  • Visual, Performing, Applied Arts - 1 credit

Computer Information Systems II

Second year students will advance their knowledge in Programming/Web Design, Mobile app & Game development, System Administration, Network Security, Forensic investigation, Network and Project Management. Advanced students will assume leadership roles, with a concentration on earning certifications and taking their skills to the next level by working on special projects. Second-year students will prepare for certification, employment, and/or advanced post-secondary training.

Students continue Computer Information Systems I using advanced programming techniques. The programming languages of C++ and Java will be added. Dreamweaver and HTML concepts will be used to cover skills needed for Web Designer certification. The course will help prepare students for employment, certification, and/or advanced post-secondary training.

Academic Credits (earned upon successful completion):

  • 2 Elective credits
  • Math Related II - 1 credit

Articulations (earned by maintaining B average):

  • Baker College up to 26 credits
  • Davenport up to 22 credits
  • Macomb up to 14 credits