Welcome to Health Science

Health Science I

This is a two hour course for students who are interested in becoming a health care worker: doctor, vet, nurse, physical therapist or a variety of other exciting health professional careers.  This course includes Medical Anatomy and Physiology.  Student will learn how our bodies work, what makes us tick and what makes us sick. After completing Health Science I, students are eligible to take Health Science Internship, Health Science Exploration, Emergency Medical Technician, or Dental. These courses provide a foundation for students interested in continuing their education after completing high school.

Health Science Exploration (2nd Year)

Second year students will acquire advanced skills necessary to work in multiple areas of health care. Classroom modules will introduce students to dental diagnostics, sports medicine, veterinary science and forensic science. This course will include a non-paid placement during class time in a community based health care facility.

Heath Science Internship (2nd Year)

Health Sciences Internship is a second year, hospital based program (taken only after successful completion of Health Sciences I). Once students are Basic Life Support certified and have passed the hospital orientation with 80% proficiency, they spend 3 days a week working on hospital units. Class lecture covers OB/Gyn, Pharmacology, Gerontology, First Aid, and Medical Math. Academic credits: 2 elective credits, math related II - 1 credit