Mrs. Maryann Figurski, Principal

It’s hard to believe we have completed a full month of school! Students have adopted a     routine and are busy taking the NWEA Test. The NWEA test replaces the IOWA test and will help our teachers work with your child to best meet their academic needs. Fourth and Fifth grade students have already completed their tests, our First, Second and Third grade students will be testing through October 21st. Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a good breakfast so they can do their best on this test!! We are proud of our students and the effort they put forth when taking these tests!

October is an exciting month! Besides our   testing, picture day and count day, we celebrate Red Ribbon Week from Monday, October 24-28. This week helps our students focus on making good choices, whether they are in a social or academic setting. Prevent Bullying and Say No to Drugs are the themes we will stress for the entire year. We know our Cougars will step up to the plate and make good choices!