Mrs. Maryann Figurski, Principal

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through the school year!

I am so impressed with the effort of the students to maintain an atmosphere that is focused on learning and implementation of our ROAR strategies!

I am very happy to report that we are no longer on the Priority School list!!!

Kudos to Mr. Keener, the entire staff, and students

for all of their effort and hard work!

Ms. Kratz’s class had a wonderful learning experience at Legoland, a big shout out to Ms. Kratz for applying for and receiving a grant to take her students to this great place for free!!! Our 3rd grade students are experiencing the wonderful world of art at the DIA-a terrific opportunity for them to see the some of the historical pieces that have been collected through the years.

We have many exciting learning activities taking place in the near future. Mrs. Pilarski is    hosting a Wax Museum, where her students will take on the roles of their favorite character in a book they have read! Our 4th grade students are working hard preparing for an Economics Day on February 7th, which gives them an opportunity to learn about economics by developing their own products.

Please make sure you check the latest calendar to see the upcoming half days and events at Cromie.