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Real Heroes Read Book Talks are a blend of education, entertainment, and good old fashioned fun.
Personable co-authors Charlie and David enthusiastically share their love for reading and writing in engaging fashion, all while presenting topics that are important in classrooms everywhere.


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“I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic presentation you put on at Neff Elementary this morning! You two did an amazing job and I know that you now have 150 new fans. Your presentation kept the kids enthralled and they loved every minute of it. It really means a lot to have two authors come in and share their love of reading and writing with our students. If you put this much enthusiasm in your school appearances, I can only imagine the energy in your books. “

Chris Fizzell, 5th Grade Teacher, Neff Elementary


“On behalf of the MAME 33 Conference Committee, I would like to thank you so much for your wonderful presentation, "Real Heroes Read," at our recent fall conference. We sincerely appreciated you giving your time and expertise so generously. Evaluations are coming in and thanks to your help; this was one of our most well received conferences.

I loved your presentation. It was lively, engaging, and entertaining, especially [Charlie's] witch cackle. I think you have a great message to encourage kids to read. Keep up the good work and good writing.”

Judy Sima, Author chair, MAME 33


“Anyone who claims that “kids don’t read” is wrong. How do I know? The students at Jefferson Elementary. They have proven that statement false over and over this year. They read often and with enthusiasm. Let me explain.

 Today Charlie and I visited their school in Sterling Heights, MI and discovered that media specialist Stephanie Staub cannot keep our Heroes A2Z books on her shelves. As soon as one student returns a book, another student checks it out. The book may not even have time to hit the shelf in between.

 Notice the picture we took with Mrs. Staub. From left to right, there’s Charlie, Mrs. Staub, and then me. We’re standing in front of a bookshelf. Our books belonged on that shelf. But guess what? Empty! No books anywhere. Just a couple of naked book stands, shivering in the cold January air.

Thank you, Jefferson Elementary, for proving once again that real heroes read! Also thank you to Mrs. Montalbano for making a special trip to see us. We hope Nathan and Matthew enjoy the books!”