Principal’s Page

          Achieving Academic Success


Academic success depends a great deal on the effort exerted. Teaching your child the importance of this simple face is not easy, but the confidence he/she will gain from it will help tremendously in the future. Here are some ways to help your child achieve success with improved effort.


Recognize, value, and reward effort. Let your child know that effort is an important factor in achieving any goal. Praise your child for trying, not always just for achieving.


Acknowledge task difficulty. Sometimes you can provide encouragement simply by recognizing the difficulty level of a problem. Comments like, “Wow, that is a tough problem, keep at it,” will encourage your child and provide that extra push needed for success.


Emphasize effort more than ability. Effort can change whereas ability in considered less alterable. Children who stick with a task longer and more persistently take more responsibility for the outcomes of their behavior, and tend to attribute their success and failures to effort rather than ability.


Learn from mistakes. Teach your child that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as we learn from them. Turn failure into a learning experience. Explain the benefits of trying to your child.


Provide feedback about performance. Check your child’s work frequently, and be specific in any feedback you provide. Tell him/her what has been done well, then work together to correct any mistakes.


By recognizing, and rewarding effort, acknowledging the difficulty of some tasks, emphasizing effort more than ability, turning mistakes into learning opportunities, and providing feedback, you will help your child achieve greater success in school and other life experiences.


Mr. Kerry R. Keener, Ed.S