Principal’s Page    

           Hello Pearl Lean Families

We are off to a great school year. Thank you for your kindness and continued support. As we continue to work together, please be careful while driving and walking in our parking lot and streets. Remember that pedestrians always have the right of way!

CHAMPS Update.  We are very proud of the students and their hard work involving our newly initiated CHAMPS program. Just like anything new or learned, practicing positive behavior every day will increase chances for success. We will be honoring students each month at our CHAMPS assembly and or Pizza with the Principal lunch. We ask and remind the students everyday to Be A CHAMP!

Schools promote parental involvement because they believe it is important in your child’s education. Creating a team and making teamwork a primary goal are keys to making your child’s education more successful. Parents who are involved in their child’s education are demonstrating the importance of working together with the school to promote educational success. Here are some ways to help make your child’s education better.

Provide opportunities for practice. Read to your child; listen to them read. Help with homework and provide a quiet place for after-school work. Structure your child’s after-school time. Limit access to television. Do everything you can to support what goes on in school and provide opportunities for your child to practice the skills being learned each day. 

Talk about school. Ask your child questions about school on a regular basis.

Talk with school personnel. Establish regular communications with your child’s teacher(s). respect teachers’ schedules and always ask when it is an appropriate time to reach them.

Provide help at school. Offer to help as an aide, resource person, or helper in your child’s classroom. Attend parent-teacher conferences and open houses at the school. You can also schedule a visit to the classroom, talk to the principal, and ask for a tour of the school.

By increasing opportunities for your child to practice what is being learned at school, talking about school, talking to school, and providing help at school, you can help to make your child’s education a better experience.

Together in Learning,

Mr. Kerry R. Keener, Ed.S