When parents are involved in what goes on at school, children achieve more and school experiences are generally more positive. By becoming involved, parents send a message to their child that school is important and they demonstrate to teachers that they are interested in their child’s education.

There are many different ways parents become involved in schooling. Although there are probably as many forms of parent involvement as there are different parents, one common way that parents become involved is though participation in parent-teacher conferences. A parent teacher conference gives parents the chance to meet teachers, ask questions, learn more about what their children are doing in school and discover more information about school performance. Here are some ways to make parent-teacher conferences more effective.

Have a purpose for meeting. Before you go to a conference, make a list of questions that you would like to ask your child’s teacher and write down any concerns about your child that you would like to discuss.

Be an active participant. Ask questions. Always be sure you understand what something means and that what you have heard is what has truly been said.

Focus on positives. When talking about your child, try to focus on solutions to any problems rather than just on the problems.

Talk to your child about the conference. Before a conference, talk about the school and ask your child about his/her concerns.

Focus on cooperation. Establish a partnership with the teacher. Remember that you both contribute to your child’s development and performance in important ways. Your child will benefit the most if you and your child’s teacher work cooperatively. Use conferences as opportunities to find ways to cooperate rather than occasions to find fault.

By being prepared, actively participating, focusing on positive, sharing information, and focusing on cooperation, you will make parent-teacher conferences useful, positive experiences.



ALL including Kindergarten and TK students are capable of coming into the building & walking to their classroom on their own. If you need to see their teacher, please call the classroom extension to leave a message to the teacher to call you back to set an appointment. The morning (start of school) is not the best time to meet with your child’s teacher, as they are trying to get the day started.



Please make sure NOT to drop-off your child before 8:30 A.M., with the new security system the front door WILL NOT open till 8:30 A.M.



If your student arrives after the tardy bell (8:52 A.M.) YOU need to come in to the office and sign them in.



Parents who call and ask that their child be ready in the office for pick up: STUDENTS WILL REMAIN in class until you physically show up in the office and sign them out, then we will call the classroom.

If you need to pick up your child early, PLEASE DO SO BY 3:30, because it’s hard to get hold of students or teachers after 3:30 pm. since everyone is in the hallways getting ready for dismissal and some teachers are on bus duty and others are watching couple of classes besides their classroom.

ALL after school plans should be made at home before your child leaves for school. You need to send a note to the teacher when plans are different from the ordinary,

Parents asking the office to deliver messages to their students, such as: go or not go to Latchkey, take or not take the bus, walk or not walk home or go home with another student, etc…etc… MAY NOT BE DELIVERED TO YOUR STUDENT, SINCE THE OFFICE IS EXTREMELY BUSY WITH PHONES RINGING ALL THE TIME.




Please have children prepare for school the night before. Be sure lunch, lunch money, homework, books, gym shoes, agenda, and musical instruments are in or near back packs, so they are not forgotten. We are trying to promote student responsibility.

Phone calls home for missing papers, gym shoes, instruments, lunches, agendas, etc. will not be allowed.                                    

Phone calls are allowed only for sickness and emergencies.