MMSTC Memories 2016

Freshmen Trip to the Zoo

The Class of 2019 took their final trip to the zoo on June 2.  A perfect day to relax and take a break from presentation preparation.  The main attraction?  The new Penguin Exhibit of course! 

Senior Dinner

Seniors, family, teachers, administrators, and friends shared a delicious meal then reminisced good times at MMSTC. The night ended with a celebration of each students accomplishments, future plans, and points of pride.   The MMSTC Senior Class  of 2016 is sure to use their powers for good and make a significant impact in the world around them.  

College Alumni Day

 Alumni spoke about how they chose their particular college, how their college work load compared to the work load they had in high school, how their college schedule works and many other topics that our curious current students wanted to know.

Teachers of the Year

MMSTC is proud to have three of its nine teachers recognized for their outstanding leadership, dedication and commitment to their craft.  Mrs. Christine Dewey was honored by the Detroit Area Council of Teachers of Mathematics as the Math Educator of the year.  Mr. Scot Acre was nominated and selected by coworkers and administrators of Warren Consolidated as High School Teacher of the Year and  Mr. Tim Fino from the Science and Engineering Fair of Detroit presented Mrs. Jamie Hilliard with the Science Fair Teacher of the Year Award.  Congratulations to all three of you and keep up the good work!

 Senior Exit Interviews

 An important part of senior year is compiling a portfolio and personal webpage that contains work samples and highlights.  Seniors set goals, write a visions statement, and design a resume. Professional interviews are the culminating step in this process.  Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers for supporting this essential component of our senior's education.  

Michigan Statistics Poster Competition

Many MMSTC sophomores were awarded honorable mentions for their statistics posters that were entered into the Michigan Statistics Poster Competition put on by Grand Valley State University in conjunction with the American Statistical Association.  Emily Elizondo and Abigail Pierce's poster also received a berth to the National Statistics Poster Competition.  Students could collect data on any topic they were interested in, do a statistical analysis of the data and create a poster of their findings.  Many interesting things were uncovered.   

Sophomores Win Big in Trigstar Competition 

Tom Szczesniak wins $1000 by taking 1st place in the  TrigStar Competition hosted by the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors.  Ian Barber took 2nd place taking home $250.  Not a bad pay out for doing a few trigonometry problems correctly in the shortest time.  Parents,  family members and Mrs. Denewith-Fici (Superintendent of Warren Woods Public Schools) were invited to honor them along with Mr. Craig Amey a board member of the MSPS.  Mrs. Dewey earned $500 to use toward her classroom for being the teacher who inspired such excellent work.  

 Freshmen Presentations

After 3 months of research and statistical tests, freshmen are pulling the math and science together into their final research presentations.  Students are encouraged to invite family and home school supporters to watch.  The public speaking skills these students gain are amazing. The confidence they exude is impressive.  We are very proud of the hard work and determination of the Class of 2019! 

Digital Divas   

Freshman Ladies traveled to Eastern Michigan University for the Digital Divas Conference.  The conference focused on introducing young women to careers and opportunities in technology fields.

MDoT TRAC Bridge Design and Build Competition  

MMSTC teams traveled to Grand Rapids to show off their mad building and presentation skills.  Seven teams placed in the top 10 in their category.  

Senior Clap Out

At the end of our senior's last day of high school at MMSTC, the entire school lined the halls and applauded our seniors for their final walk out the MMSTC doors as high school students.  Of course, it better not be the last time these halls see our graduating seniors, because we expect our MMSTC family members to keep in touch.  So, good luck seniors!  We will see you soon!   

MMSTC Talent Show

Students at M   MSTC can do so much more than math and science.  Everything from game design to musical performances, MMSTC has a little of everything.  The talent our students possess amaze audiences each year. The night began with an original production of one of Mr. Supal's future big country hits performed by our very own Omar.  The night continued with stunning photography images, moving poetry renditions, magicians and comedians that kept us happy amazed, and flute, piano, and trombone pieces.  We also had some terrific singing and dancing performances! We are so proud of all MMSTC students who showcased their talents and passions.  "Get your head in the game!"