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Test Scores


Class of State of Michigan Average National Average MMSTC Average
2015 30.1
2014 20.1 21.0 30.1
2013 19.9 20.9 29.2
2012 20.1 21.1 28.9
2011 19.7 21.1 29.1
2010 19.6 21.0 29.7
2009 19.6 21.1 29.9
2008 19.6 21.1 29.9
2007 21.5 21.2 29.3
2006 21.5 21.1 29.2
2005 21.4 20.9 29.8
2004  21.4  20.9 29.7

Colleges and University Attended 

 Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy

Alabama University

Albion College

Alma College

Aquinas College

Baker College

Barnard College

Berkeley University

Boston University

Bowling Green State University

Brown University

Calvin College

Carnegie Mellon University

Case Western Reserve University

Central Michigan University

Colorado College

Colorado State University

Columbia University

Cornerstone College

Cornell University

Cottey College

Davidson University

Daytona University

Evansville University

Ferris State University

Florida Tech University

Grand Valley State University

Harvard College

 Hillsdale College

Hope College

Illinios Institute of Technology

Indiana University

John Carroll University

John Hopkins University

Kalamazoo College

Kettering University

Lake Superior State University 

Lawrence Technological University


Northwood University

Loyola University

Marshall University

Marygrove College

Massachutsetts Institute of Technology

Miami University

Michigan State University

Michigan Tech University

Naval Nuclear Power Command

North Carolina State University

Northeastern University

Northern Michigan University

Northwestern University

Oakland University

Occidental College

Ohio State University

Olivet College

Penn State University

Pepperdine University


Roosevelt University

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Saginaw Valley State University

Stanford University

The University of Chicago

Tri-State University

Tulane University

United States Air Force Academy

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Colorado

University of Dayton

University of Detroit Mercy

University of Michigan Flint

University of Michigan

University of Notre Dame

University of South Carolina

University of Southern California

Valparaso University

Vanderbuilt University

Vassar College

Villanova University

Washington University

Wayne State University

Western Michigan University

Wharton School of Business

Yale University

Scholarship Earnings


Year  Number of Students Total Scholarship Amount offered
14-15 67 Graduates $6.82 million
13-14 63 Graduates $5.4 million
12-13 65 Graduates $5.4 million
11-12 66 Graduates $5.2 million
10-11 71 Graduates $5.7 million
09-10 66 Graduates $5.2 million
08-09 65 Graduates $4.5 million
07-08 67 Graduates $4.5 million