2017-18 Senior Research

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 Boston and Jacob

Archer's Paradox


We will shoot different types of arrows from a fixed bow and use their horizontal accuracy to gauge the magnitude of the archer's paradox on the arrow types.

 Danielle and Jennifer

Residual Material on Roadside Apples Vs. Grocery Store Apples


In order to determine if roadside apples are truly cleaner than that of a grocery store and have less pesticide residue, the residual material left on the apples were measured. Apples are rinsed in distilled water and then a total dissolved solids reading is taken to determine the amount of residual material that was washed off.

Greg and Jordan

The Effect of Foot Strike on Impact Forces While Running


The purpose of this experiment is to determine how the impact forces of running are affected by different foot strikes. To do this, participants will run on a treadmill with an accelerometer attached to their ankle. The measured acceleration will then be used to calculate the impact force on the ankle. This is important because the excessive force on the legs can lead to various types of injuries. Knowing how foot strike affects these impact forces can help athletes improve their running form, which can help to reduce the chance of injury.

 Lauren and Jessica

The Effect of the Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs on the Growth of Radish Seeds


For our senior research topic, we will be testing the effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) drugs on the growth of crops, specifically, radishes. In our experiment, we will use ibuprofen in water to simulate commonly used drugs that are released into wastewater, and we will soak radish seeds in the water before growing them. After letting the radishes grow over the course of the week, we will measure their roots and determine whether or not NSAIDs flushed into the environment have a significant effect on crop growth. Our research helps the scientific community in the fact that we are researching a developing issue that scientists are still unsure of the effects. Researching how commonly used drugs flushed into the environment affect crop life opens the door to studying how these same drugs affect humans when we ingest the infected crops.

 Ryan and Yana

Biodiesel fuel with soybean and algae oil


We will be making biodiesel fuel with algae oil and seeing if it produces fuel that is at a better standard than fuel made with the soybean oil. The biodiesel fuel will be made through a process known as transesterification.

Jocelyn and Matthew

Comparing Dust On Solar Panels


In this project, sea salt, sand, and dirt will be sprinkled on solar panels and the potential differences will be measured. This will allow us to compare how much of an affect each type of dust has on a photo-voltaic solar panel.

Johanna and Owen

Electroplating and Corrosion


We will be changing the factors of electroplating, including time in electroplating solution, current through the power source, and concentration of the solution. We will then mass the samples, allow them to sit in a salt solution for a week to corrode, and then measure the mass again. We will find the difference in mass and analyze the numbers with a DOE and with descriptive statistics.

Kendall and Kara

Effect of Chlorinated and Unchlorinated Water on Bacteria Growth


Our research helps the scientific world by determining which type of water is safer to consume when left in a reusable water bottle over time. Certain bacterias in different types of water multiple over time and be potentially dangerous to one's health.

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