2016-17 Senior Research

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Sabastien and Senna

The Effect of Color  and Age on Eyesight 


We are testing how color is perceived across gender and age groups.

We are testing 30 males and females that are under 23 years old, between 35 and 45 years old, and above 65 years old. Each person will get 15 color tests - 5 red, 5 blue, and 5 green to test color sensitivity.

 Dylan and Imran

The Ability to Multitask Between Genders


By testing men and women for their ability to perform cognitive and motor skills simultaneously, we will be able to identify any significant differences in their ability to multitask.

Andrew and Nathan

The Effects of Light Wavelengths and Shielding on Light Pollution


Testing how using light bulbs at different wavelengths with different shielding types can reduce the obstruction of stars by artificial light.

 Ian and Parker

Probability of Simulated Lightning Strikes on Rooftops with Varying Material Types Under Different Levels of Humidity 


By using a Tesla Coil to create simulated lightning strikes in different levels of humidity with different rooftop materials, we will be able to predict a safer roofing material.

Paige and Merna

 The Effect of Time on the Vitamin C Concentration in Sweet Green Bell Peppers


We are testing for a peak in vitamin C concentration over a weeks time after fresh home-grown sweet bell peppers are picked. We will use a titration method with soluble starch and iodine solution; The reaction of these two substances along with a pureed green pepper sample will create a blue-black color change that indicates the endpoint of the titration. Overall, we will find the concentration of  vitamin C - or ascorbic acid - present in the sample.

Kelcey and Gracie

The Effect of Supplement Ingredients and Temperature on the Elasticity of Tendons


Animal tendon will be exposed to ascorbic acid, beta alanine, caffeine, creatine, and water, as well as three different temperatures. The results will be used to reduce tendon injuries in athletes.

Megan and Mahima

The Accuracy of Gravimetric Analysis in Determining the Concentration of Calcium Carbonate in Hard Water


Testing various water samples through vacuum filtration to mass the precipitate formed when dissolved with solutions. The masses of the precipitates will be compared to a table of hard water standards to see if gravimetric analysis is accurate.

 Stephen and Yusuf

The Effects of Rear Spoiler Type, Velocity, and Distance on the Drag Force between Two Cars in a Slipstream


By testing two LEGO racecars with different rear spoiler types on the front car, velocities and distance between the two cars, in a wind tunnel, the aerodynamic drag force between the two cars will be measured with a force sensor.

 Garrett and Jaclyn

The Effect of light intensity, angle of light, angle of glass, and glare reducing coating will best result in the reduction of glare seen by a driver.


A four-factor design of experiment (DOE) that includes light intensity, angle of light, angle of glass, and glare reducing coatings will be used to find the best reduction of glare seen by a driver.

 Nicole and Aleksandra

The Effects of Recycling on the Tensile Strength of Thermoplastic Polymers


The tensile strength of thermoplastic polymers will be tested using a Buster before recycling and after recycling, which will be mimicked by melting down and reforming the plastic.

Mohammed and Charles 

The Resistance of Escherichia Coli to Uranium Ore


Standard E. coli bacteria will be made resistant to uranium ore and then be tested against non resistant bacteria to see if we have significantly increased the bacterial resistance to the uranium ore. This research is applicable to current methods of retrieving uranium back from waste sites.

 Rachelle and Julie

Exploring the Functions and Properties of Buffer Solutions in Order to Determine the Optimal Solution


To determine the most optimal buffer solutions for consumers by running a series of titrations with differing solution molarities.  

Veronica Marougail and Frosilda Pushani

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles: Green synthesis vs. Chemical Synthesis


To determine which method of synthesizing silver nanoparticles (using green tea leaf extract as a reducing agent vs. using sodium citrate as a reducing agent) would be more effective in inhibiting the growth of E. coli

Jillian Estrope and Geselle Tablada

The Effects of Natural and Chemical Treatments on the Growth of Staphylococcus epidermidis


To determine which natural treatment (slug mucus, tea tree oil) or Chemical Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide, Erythromycin) best prevents the growth of Staphylococcus epidermidis, a common skin flora.

Emma Carr and Abigail Gonzales

The Effect of Concentration and Exposure Time of Zequanox on Dreissena Polymorpha


To determine which concentration and exposure time of Zequanox will have the greatest effect on the stomach lining of Dreissena Polymorpha, otherwise known as zebra mussels. 

Daniel Hallam and Andrew Meesseman

The Reduction of Toxic Strains of Cyanobacteria in Algal Blooms


To study how strains of cyanobacteria spread throughout algal blooms, we will modify the DNA of  a strain of Microcystis cyanobacteria and see how it spreads throughout a colony of unmodified cyanobacteria.

 Tom McCloskey and Nathan Williams

Creating and Testing the Effect of Propulsion type and Barrel Type on a Forced Air Propulsion Unit


Using a 3D printer to create different barrels and using different known air propulsion, we will make the most efficient air propulsion unit with the most accuracy, force, and precision.

Jacob Hillock and Brian Le

Programming a Drone to Fly


Basically, programming with Arduino stuff to have a set of instructions to feed to the drone to have it fly with pre-set flying instructions.

James Shin

Determining Length of Time Needed For E. Coli to Revert Back to its Unaltered Strain After Breeding Resistance to Antibiotics


E. coli is to be bred to have total resistance to ampicillin, and then left to breed without outside stimulus to see how many generations are needed to revert to its wild type.

 Meredith and Isabel

The Efficiency of a Laser Powered Battery


Determining the efficiency of charging a battery with a laser using solar panels by testing various colors (wavelengths), distances from the solar panel, width of the beam, and motion of the laser. 

 Noah Houth and Heidi Russo

The Effect of Ramipril, Digoxin, and Green Tea Powder on the Heart Rate of Daphnia Magna


Applying each solution to one sample of Daphnia Magna and observing the heart rate under a microscope in order to see which has the greatest effect.

Joe Schmitz and Logan Mardlin 

Pyrolysis of Waste Plastics


Various plastics are heated in the absence of oxygen with and without a catalyst to analyze the amount of oil produced.

 Maddie Burgin and Claire Orlando

The Effect of Material and Force on the Rebound Height and Sound Intensity of a Drumstick


Various materials of drumsticks are going to be tested on a snare drum to determine which drumstick types creates the highest rebound height and sound intensity. This can be used to find the best drumstick for different drumming situations. To test this we are going to use a pulley system that will suspend the drumstick  and allow it to strike the drum head with different forces.

 Arjun Muralidharan and Dean Lawrence

The Effect of Panel Color and Angle of Elevation on the Efficiency of Solar Cells


Creating solar cells by hand with various colors, and placing them at different angles in relation to the sun to determine which generates more electricity from the photovoltaic process.

Zachary Allor and Jacob Dupre

The Effect of Baseball Bat Length and Material on the Location of the "Sweet Spot"


Varying the length and material of baseball bats and measuring the acceleration to force ratio to determine the location of the "sweet spot" along the bat.

 Alexandra Korabiewski and Zachary Haupt

The Effect of Aclacinomycin A on the Development of Aedes Aegypti Larvae


We are treating the water where mosquito develop with the chemical aclacinomycin A. This chemical is currently being used as a treatment for pancreatic cancer. We believe that, since this chemical inhibits the enzyme, trypsin, from breaking down proteins in excretory cells, it will lead to a build up of protein and slow down the function of the cells to the point where development is stalled or even stopped. This could possible disrupt the mosquito life cycle.

Rosemary Hermiz and Kaitlyn Switniak

Maximizing the Buffer Capacity of Soil


Filtering simulated acid rain through soil from different regions of the U.S., and attempting to stabilize the pH level using buffer solutions of pH 9.00 and pH 12.00.   

 Red Francis Daniel and Mikolaj Pal


A valve regulates the flow of a fluid by opening, closing, or obstructing various paths in which the water flow, and it is used for water control for irrigation, dish washing, clothe washing, and tap water devices, and more. The Tesla valve, having been perceived as advantageous compared to the conventional valve, unfortunately has received an additional reputation of doubt. Industries and companies are seeking for a valve that is simple, inexpensive, free-flowing, and effective, and the Tesla valve is the opposite of the ideal valve. This research attempts to determine whether the advantages of the Tesla valve outweigh the cons; to determine what factors are significant in differentiating the Tesla valve from the rest. The purpose of our research is to determine what valve type best regulates the flow of fluid

Sara Nevedal and Stephen Robinson 

Bioethanol Production Using Corn and Algae


We are conducting research on bioethanol production using corn and algae. We will be making ethanol from powered forms of both crops through the process of liquefaction and fermentation. We are going to measure Ethanol content in each mixture through out the experiment. Algae has a greener production method and it is not in as high of a demand as corn. This will help the fuel industry.

Josh and Jack 

The Application of Chemical Principles on the Production of Pollution


To calculate the percent yields of carbonate compounds through chemical reactions in order  to determine the best application of chemical principles on the production of pollution in the environment.

Amanda and Abby 

The Comparison of Wingspan and Height in Adolescent Boys


We are measuring wingspan and height of 100 boys from grades 6, 9 and 11. Using this data we will determine if wingspan is an indicator of height as the ratio between the two  gets relatively closer to one the older the subjects are. 

Sarah and Jacob 

The Effect of Water Depth, Continental Slope, and Applied Mass on the Horizontal Range of Waves


Creating waves in a fish tank and measuring how far up a simulated beach they travel


The Effect of Acetylsalicylic Acid on the Transpiration of Ocimum Basilicum


Applying an Acetylsalicylic acid spray onto the leaves of basil plants and measuring the mass of these plants throughout a week, in order to discover if the water loss , or transpiration, of the plants was reduced

Aaron Goudie 

The Effect of Video Games on Mental Chronometry


I measured the reaction time of students of different grades and different gaming hours per week to see if there is any correlation.


 Emily Eskuri and Celeste Rupert

The Effect of Different Sitting Positions on Heart Rate Recovery


We measured the heart rate of participants directly after running and one minute after sitting in a designated position. 

Tahrim and Joshua

The Phototoxicity of Nanoparticles


We determined the phytotoxicity of nanoparticles by treating mung beans with zinc oxide and silicon dioxide nanoparticle solutions and measuring the length of the sprouts. 

 Mario and Robert

 Nathan and Derek

Analyzing the Efficiency of Environmentally-friendly Flame Retardants on Cotton


Soaking samples of cloth into various solutions of magnesium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, and our "homemade" organic corn ash and igniting them after letting them dry and recording the amount of time it takes to completely burn.

 Tanner and Eric

The Effects of Coil Length, Wave Amplitude, and Wave Frequency on the Power Generation of a Novel Application of Electromagnetic Induction in a Wave Point-Absorber Electrical Generator


Using a hand powered, wave simulator, we will generate current by pulling a magnet up and down through a coil of wire.

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