2016-17 Senior Research

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 Garrett and Jaclyn

The Effect of light intensity, angle of light, angle of glass, and glare reducing coating will best result in the reduction of glare seen by a driver.


A four-factor design of experiment (DOE) that includes light intensity, angle of light, angle of glass, and glare reducing coatings will be used to find the best reduction of glare seen by a driver.

 Nicole and Aleksandra

The Effects of Recycling on the Tensile Strength of Thermoplastic Polymers


The tensile strength of thermoplastic polymers will be tested using a Buster before recycling and after recycling, which will be mimicked by melting down and reforming the plastic.

Veronica Marougail and Frosilda Pushani

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles: Green synthesis vs. Chemical Synthesis


To determine which method of synthesizing silver nanoparticles (using green tea leaf extract as a reducing agent vs. using sodium citrate as a reducing agent) would be more effective in inhibiting the growth of E. coli

Emma Carr and Abigail Gonzales

The Effect of Concentration and Exposure Time of Zequanox on Dreissena Polymorpha


To determine which concentration and exposure time of Zequanox will have the greatest effect on the stomach lining of Dreissena Polymorpha, otherwise known as zebra mussels. 

 Meredith and Isabel

The Efficiency of a Laser Powered Battery


Determining the efficiency of charging a battery with a laser using solar panels by testing various colors (wavelengths), distances from the solar panel, width of the beam, and motion of the laser. 

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