The Middle School Mathematics Science Technology Center - (MS)2TC - has been built on the district’s internationally successful high school Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center (MMSTC). While the high school program integrates seamlessly mathematics, science and technology, the middle school program integrates mathematics, science and informational literacy (reading and writing) with technology infused into each area. Both programs provide students with real-world, project-based learning activities that challenge their thinking, broadens their understanding of the world, and stretches their knowledge base while meeting the developmental needs of the students they serve.


Fifth grade students will qualify to apply for admissions to the Middle School Mathematics Science Technology Center - (MS)2TC based on their Fall Iowa Assessment©. Only students who score in the top 20% on the Iowa Assessment© will be invited to apply. Other criteria that will be used for admissions include a Parent Application, Student Application, CogAT© results, and Teacher Recommendations. The program is limited to 84 students in the AM session and 84 students in the PM session at Butcher Educational Center.

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