Study After School (SAS) Program

Study After School (SAS) is a program that provides students a space to do homework, catch up on late assignments, work on on-going projects, read, and/or get organized. For the most part, the study time is independent, but an adult supervisor will be present at all times. We are also in the process of securing 8th grade National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) volunteers.

SAS will run on the days found on the attached calendars from 2:45 – 4:15pm. It will take place in the media center at Butcher Educational Center. Our first meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 3rd. CHAMPS behavior will be defined and expected of the students (along with a growth mindset approach to studying after school).

A light snack and transportation is a parent responsibility. A permission slip for each student is required, though students need not attend every session. Students will sign-in at every session they attend. If you would like to verify your child’s attendance, please feel free to call 586-698-4398. If sessions are cancelled for whatever reason, an announcement will be made as soon as possible.