To implement an academically rigorous, unique, active learning experience for creative learners at the middle school level using an integrated, contextualized, and exploratory program model that consciously links the Visual and Performing Arts with Social Studies.


MS-VPA is an exciting, creative program that has been designed to build on the district’s nationally-acclaimed, award-winning high school performing arts program (WCSPA) which is located in Sterling Heights High School. MS-WCSPA is intended for academically-focused and creative students who seek to blend their academic experience with interest in the performing arts.

Students who are accepted into the program will split their school day between their home middle school, where they will take their language arts, science and math classes, and Butcher Educational Center, where they will take their social studies and two performing arts electives. The performing arts electives will include visual arts, music, dance, and theatre exploratory experiences.

Dr. Catherine Neuhoff -
Director of MSVPA  and Special Programs


Office Telephone: (586) 698-4394
Attendance Line: (586) 698-4395
Fax: (586) 698-4397


School Start/End Times

Morning Session
Start Time:  7:24 a.m.
Dismissal Time: 10:25 a.m.

Afternoon Session
Start Time:  11:46 a.m.
Dismissal Time: 2:41 p.m.



Butcher Educational Center

Recycling Fundraiser

Butcher Educational Center is hosting a Disabled American Veterans Recycling box.
The center will receive $ for each donation. And all items go to the DAV- a non profit organization.

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Grant Award Announcement

Warren Consolidated Schools Middle School Visual and Performing Arts Program

On Friday, Feb. 19, MSVPA received notification that we have been awarded grant money from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) through their Mini-Grant Program for Arts Projects.

MSVPA is being awarded the amount of $2,760.00 to apply towards our 7th grade spring project “Traditional Japanese Arts Approached from the West.”

MSVPA will conduct this project primarily throughout the month of April. During that time, the 7th grade social studies will focus on oriental culture and history. Concurrently, students will study and gain exposure to traditional Japanese forms of art such as Kamishibai street theater and the more formal Japanese theater of Kabuki and Bunraku puppetry; traditional Japanese folk songs as well as Taiko drumming; and traditional Japanese approaches to visual arts as well as a look at how modern Japanese pop art forms such as Manga and Anime may have developed from some traditional art forms. The project will culminate with a shift in focus as students attend the Michigan Opera Theatre Children’s Chorus (MOTCC) production of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta The Mikado. After attending this operetta, students will analyze the portrayal of Japanese culture by Western artists. Students will also contrast traditional Japanese art forms with modern popular forms of Japanese art.

MSVPA presents.....History equals Happy and other Unusual Wonders

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