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Media Center Announcements

Our fall book fair was a huge success!

I would like to offer a HUGE "Thank You!" to everyone who helped this book fair succeed through volunteering to help set up and pack up, to those who helped shoppers shop, to those who purchased books, and to those of you who have already instilled a love of reading in your children. I appreciate all of the support from Siersma's staff, students, and parents and hope that our next book fair will be just as successful.

The profits from this book fair will be used to purchase some popular student requests and early readers and to update the nonfiction collection.


Checkout Policies

How many books can students take at a time?

  • Kindergarten = 1 book
  • Grade 1 = 1 book
  • Grade 2 = 2 items (1 item can be a magazine)
  • Grade 3 = 3 items (1 item can be a magazine)
  • Grade 4 = 3 items (1 item can be a magazine)
  • Grade 5 = 3 items (1 item can be a magazine)

How long can I keep them?

  • All books and magazines are checked out forĀ 14 days.
  • Books can be renewed. Just let us know you would like to keep a book longer when you come to the media center

What are some reasons why students may not check out books?

  • One or more books on their account is overdue.
  • Your student has a fine that needs to be paid (due to a lost or damaged book).
  • Inappropriate behavior while in the library.