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Mrs. Nolan


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Media Center Announcements

Thank you for your support during the Spring 2017 Book Fair! We were able to raise enough money to purchase an estimated 75 more books for our library.

We could not have raised this amount of money without the support of the students, staff, parents, grandparents, volunteers from Siersma's community. Thank you!

Mrs. Nolan

Birthday Books!

Do you want a creative way to give your child / grandchild / niece / nephew / friend a birthday gift that also benefits the school? Consider going to our Amazon wishlist to pick a book to purchase for the school library! When you purchase the book(s) as a gift, you can attach a note that says who the book is for. We will then put that name in the front of the book to let all of the students know that this book was donated to our library in their honor! Click on the link below to view our Library Wishlist.

Siersma Library's Amazon Wishlist

Checkout Policies

How many books can students take at a time?

  • Kindergarten = 1 book
  • Grade 1 = 1 book
  • Grade 2 = 2 items (1 item can be a magazine)
  • Grade 3 = 3 items (1 item can be a magazine)
  • Grade 4 = 3 items (1 item can be a magazine)
  • Grade 5 = 3 items (1 item can be a magazine)

How long can I keep them?

  • All books and magazines are checked out for 13 days.
  • Books can be renewed. Just let us know you would like to keep a book longer when you come to the media center.