Corey Tremmel - Principal - Siersma Elementary

 Success is expected, only when commitment precedes it.” – Anonymous

Highly skilled and student focused instructional leader committed to the development of students, staff, and providing a safe, stimulating, environment and culture. Active visionary leader and team player, focused on the success of the school through collaboration with students, staff and community members. Welcome hard work, eager to learn new skills, mindful of details, and keeping current in the educational world. Pride myself on dependability, flexibility, and the ability to work well with others.

Mustang Merits: Students earn "Mustang Merit" cards on a weekly basis when a staff memeber notices a student being SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, or RESPECTFUL! Mustang Merits will be used to help select participants to compete in fun games during our LifeSkill assembly each month!

Lifeskills: Students at Siersma Elementary School are taught and practice their Lifeskills every day. Lifeskills are very important skills that all children and adults need and use in their lives in order to be functional, happy and successful. Students are recognized for using lifeskills each month at our "Lifeskill Assembly." One boy and one girl are chosen from each class, along with a whole class that exhibited the lifeskill as well. Each month, a different Lifeskill is highlighted and students and staff members use this Lifeskill in their day to day situations.

September: Effort

October: Integrity                                    

November: Cooperation

December: Compassion

January: Personal Best               

February: Friendship

March: Patience

April: Courage

May: Perseverance

June: Celebration of All!