Susick's Book Fair is coming during conferences

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  • All books and magazines are checked out for one week
  • To renew a book just bring the book to the media center and pretend you are checking the book out for the first time. This will give you an extra 2 weeks.
  • If books are not returned weekly a block is automatically placed on the students account.  This block warns the student that they have overdue books.  The block also prevents any additional books from being checked out. 
  • Please help students keep library books in a special place, designated library book bag or their school bags when not reading them.  This will help keep the books safe, not misplaced, damaged or lost.
  • If a book is lost, needs repair or damaged beyond repair; we ask that they pay a replacement cost.  In the 2012-2013 school year approximately 55 books were not returned to the media center, lost or damaged and for over half of those the replacement cost was not paid for various reasons.  This is very sad news L
  • If a student has not returned a book/s or owes a fine that student will no be given the privilege of taking out any additional books until their account is cleared.  This is unfortunate for students and their teachers. 

“Helpful Hints for Choosing Books:

Becoming better readers:  Research verifies that children can read with 99% accuracy a “Good-Fit Book”.  Grades 2-5 should be choosing books by thinking and looking for

“Good-Fit Books” using “I PICK”.  



I choose a book

Purpose – Why do I want to read it?            

Interest – Does it interest me?

Comprehend – Am I understanding what I am reading?

Know – I know most of the words

5 Finger Rule

1. Choose a book.

2. Open it anywhere in the middle but NOT the beginning page of a chapter.

3. Make a fist.

4. Begin to read the page.

5. Each time you cannot read a word or have to really sound out a word, hold up 1 finger.

6. After you finish reading the page, check to see how many fingers you are holding up.

7. Use the Five Finger Rule to see if the book is a


Still have a fist – too easy

1 finger - “Good Fit Book”

2 fingers – Read to someone

3 fingers – Read with someone

4 fingers – Put the book back

5 fingers – Put the book back and say Good-Bye for now

Boushey, G. and Moser, J. (2006). The Daily 5. Stenhouse Publishers. Portland, Maine.