Season Playbill - Annual Advertising

Each Fall, WCSPA accepts advertising for our annual Season Playbill.  The playbill contains advertising from businesses, messages from family and friends, and show information, along with photos and biographies of students. The Season Playbill is seen by thousands of people throughout the year. Advertising is offered in a variety of size options to suit the needs of your business.

Ad Forms - Print and Mail

To download, print Ad Forms just click one of the below links: 

Business Ads are due October 31
Family Ads are due October 24

Ad Sizes & Layout

1/4 page ad - 4.5" W (1350 px) X 1.828" H (548 px)
1/2 page ad - 4.5" W (1350 px) X 3.687" H (1106 px)
Full page ad - 4.5" W (1350 px) X 7.5" H (2250 px)

NOTE:  The Playbill publication is an 8.5" X 11" (letter size) booklet-style document with a center fold/staple, with each side (Right and Left) comprising a "Page".  1/4 Page Ads can be formatted in Portrait or Landscape orientation, and are roughly the size of a Business Card.

To download, view or print advertisements from past Season Playbills, click below: 

Annual Sponsorship: Prime Placement, Full Color

Program sponsorships are available in limited quantities each year.  Sponsors receive a full-color, premium, preferred placement in the Playbill book, and are also entitled to several other advertising perks such as presence in our marketing, public recognition at a performance, additional exposure on posters/banners and other advertising for the show that they sponsor (Fall Play, Winter Performance, Children's Musical or Spring Musical). 

There are four mainstage shows to choose from and each has its unique benefits and target audience. 

Please contact Erik Hart at 586-825-2525 ext. 5 for more information about becoming a sponsor.

More Bang for Your Buck!

Why Purchase an Annual Ad?

Each year WCSPA's Season Playbill program is circulated at all four mainstage productions performed in the 800-seat WCS Performing Arts Center.  

 Advertisements in the Season Playbill run for the entire season of productions (November to May) and are circulated four times during the school year. So in effect, you are getting four Ads for the price/hassle of one!

Printing and circulation occurs quarterly through the academic year when WCSPA is in session at each mainstage production. The first hits in mid-November (Fall Play), the second in early February (Winter Show), again in mid-March (Children's Musical) and last in late May (Spring Musical).  In a sense, your annual placement is four Quarterly Ads, spread throughout the calendar year.  These Ads reach a wide demographic of audience members due to the variety of shows produced each year, and growing patronage in the community at large.

100% of all advertising donations are spent on our students and the productions for the current season. Tax-exempt donations and annual sponsorship / advertisements help defray expenses such as printing costs, publicity, orchestra fees, construction materials, tools, costumes, dance shoes, make-up kits and other production costs in order to ensure consistency and excellence in production quality. 

 For more information about advertising in our Playbill, see a WCSPA Student, email us (see Staff Page), call 586-825-2525, ext. 2, or simply download / print and mail it in.

 We Thank our Sponsors and Advertisers in advance for their support! You make it possible for us to continually advance the Arts In Education!