WCSPA is an award winning, nationally recognized program, specializing in all aspects of theatre performance and production. Classes involve a daily, two-hour, in depth study program set in a professional working environment. All WCSPA classes are offered as a part of regular high school curriculum and are open to students from three WCS high schools as well as a school of choice for students outside of the district. From dance, design, and dramatic criticism to stage combat, Shakespeare and sound effects, students receive a complete theatre experience. In addition to daily classes with the assigned teaching staff, students are also exposed to visiting professionals, guest faculty, university workshops, field trips, theatre organizations and scholarship opportunities.

Almost, Maine

Working together, students and staff produce four major productions which are performed in the district's 800-seat Performing Arts Center. In addition to full-length plays, dance concerts and musicals, students also experiment with smaller productions and original pieces in our 100-seat studio space we affectionately call the "Little Theater".

Students rotate among the 4 teachers on a daily basis.  There are four distinct years to the program--each year is indicated as a "Level".  Each year's curriculum builds upon the knowledge and experience gained in the previous year.  Whether you start as a Freshman or a Junior, the first year you would be in Level 1.  Each class/level is one full academic year in length.  Students receive P.E. credit waiver in addition to their elective credits because of the dance portion of the class. 

There are limited number of openings each year. Admission is based upon an application and an informal audition in early spring (either February or March) of the year prior to admittance. 

If you are interested in joining the School of Performing Arts, click on the 'Admissions' tab.