LATE AUDITIONS for 2020-2021

Final Audition Deadline:

Wednesday September 9th, 2020

Late Audition Instructions

Please note this audition is strictly for students who have never auditioned for the WCSPA program before.


STEP 1:  Complete the WCSPA Application Form for 2020--2021
              Click here to apply:  APPLICATION FORM (google doc)

STEP 2: Film Submission: Please have someone film you or set up a tripod with an angle that portrays your entire body on camera for the duration of your audition. You should dress in comfortable clothing that makes it easy to move, as you would for a normal audition. In one video, please include:

A. Introduce yourself in a confident and clear voice, including your first and last name, the school you are attending this year, and what grade you are going into for the 2020-2021 school year

B.Perform 1-minute or less of a monologue or speech of your choosing. Example monologues below.

C. Sing 30 seconds or less of a song of your choosing. You may choose to perform with or without music. Example song below.

D. Dance for 30 seconds or less in the style or styles of your choosing. You may choose to dance to music or not, this is a time to show us whatever you think we should see that you are capable of.

STEP 3: Submit the Video: Please upload the video to this folder AUDITIONS 2020.

All Video Submissions Due by Midnight Wednesday September 9th.

If you are currently living in Macomb County but do not attend a Warren Consolidated School or if you plan to transfer into the district from another area, you may still be able to join WCSPA as a "School of Choice" student.  For more information, please click on our link here:  
WCSPA School of Choice Candidates



Students can select and prepare a one-minute monologue (from a published play of their choice) or they can use the one provided below. If choosing your own monologue, it should be one minute or less in length.

Students are encouraged to memorize their monologue (to enhance acting and interpretation), but this is not required. They can bring it with them to read from, and copies will also be available on site at your audition.
(Please click the link below to download the monologue provided)

    Students can select and prepare a thirty second (roughly 16 bars) excerpt from a song of their choosing. We traditionally use the song "Put on a Happy Face" found below, but you are free to choose another song that shows off your musical talents.


    *If you have additional question or concerns after reading the admissions and auditioning information above, please contact Erik Hart:  586-825-2525, ext. 5 or email him at: