AUDITIONS for 2017-2018 School Year:

Students currently in grades 8-11 in Warren Consolidated Schools are eligible to audition for the upcoming school year.  Students currently in grades 6-7 should instead visit the Middle School Visual and Performing Arts Program.

All students must complete an application and sign up for an audition time to secure an audition appointment.  

All students will complete the in-person audition for WCSPA (on the campus of Sterling Heights High School, 12901 15 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI) on Saturday, March 11th.   

Parents are welcome to wait in the hall during the audition process, but they will not be allowed to watch the auditions.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time to provide enough time to get checked in and comfortable.  Auditions will take approximately 1 hour.

After completion of the audition process, students will be notified by mail (within 3 weeks) that they have either been accepted, wait-listed, or denied admission for the 2017-2018 school year.

Accepted students should bring their acceptance letter to their school counselor for scheduling purposes. WCSPA is a two-hour block course that runs all year, spanning both semesters.

If you are currently living in Macomb County and do not attend a Warren Consolidated School or if you plan to transfer into the district from another area, you may still be able to join WCSPA as a "School of Choice" student.  For more information, please click on our link here:  
WCSPA School of Choice Candidates


STEP 1:  Complete the WCSPA Application Form for 2017-2018
              Click here to apply:  APPLICATION FORM (google doc)

STEP 2:  Sign up for your Audition Time (via Doodle)                                   Click here to sign up for your time: AUDITION TIME SLOT

  • Note: You will need to type your full name in the box provided, click on the time you'd like to audition and then click "Save".  
  • Once your time slot is saved, you will see a thank you message. Once you see this page you are confirmed.  If you do not see this message, reload the page and try again.
  • Audition slots are filled on a first come, first served basis.  If when you try to select a sign is show a red circle with a slash, that means that time slot is completely full.  When all audition times are filled, an additional slots will be added the next day, so come back and try again.

Students can select and prepare a one-minute monologue (from a published play of their choice) or they can use the one provided below. If choosing your own monologue, it should be one minute or less in length.

Students are encouraged to memorize their monologue (to enhance acting and interpretation), but this is not required. Extra copies of the provided monologue will also be available when you check-in..
(Please click the link below to download the monologue provided)

    Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your time slot. Please enter at Door #40 at SHHS and check in at the registration table.  Once checked-in, a student photo will be taken. Students will then be guided through several stations. The entire audition takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.

    Audition Stations (in random order):
    1. Answer some brief questions and check your contact information
    2. Learn and then perform a short movement combination
    3. Learn and sing a short selection from a song (it is provided below-- no substituting songs.  An accompanist will play the music for you, live.)
    4. Perform a monologue of 1 minute or less
    5. Have a short conversation with a WCSPA teacher about your interests.


    *If you have additional question or concerns after reading the admissions and auditioning information above, please contact Nick Osenberg:  586-825-2525, ext. 3 or email him at: