School of Choice Information

WCSPA has a limited number of spaces for students who reside in Macomb County (but not currently attending a Warren Consolidated School), and for students moving into the WCS school district.  

In addition to following the regular audition steps for WCSPA, 'School-of-Choice' students from outside the district will also need to enroll in the Warren Consolidated Schools district. Transfer students will be able to choose one of the three WCS High Schools to attend for their regular classes:  Cousino, Warren Mott or Sterling Heights High School. Students applying to WCSPA as School of Choice candidates with any history of suspensions or expulsions are not eligible for audition.

Students that wish to take part in WCSPA must be accepted by WCSPA and enrolled as a student of the WCS School district through their application process. 

For additional information on 'School-of-Choice' enrollment for WCS, please visit: