WCSPA Booster Club

The WCSPA Booster Club is an organization established to help promote WCSPA students and activities. They aid in a variety of areas to help facilitate the production and operations of the WCSPA program.

Some activities include fundraising, ushering shows, and providing food for after-school activities.  Booster membership is free and completely voluntary.  Anyone is welcome to attend any of the meetings. The more the merrier.  Booster Club Meeting dates and times can be found below. If you would like further information or have questions or suggestions, please contact the board below by emailing them at: sydsdadwcspa@gmail.com

2019-2020 LEADERSHIP:

President:  Eric Gregory
Vice President: Jennifer Balmer
Treasurer: Kimmie Williams
Secretary:  Dawn Lyons
Trustee: Michelle Miller
Trustee:  Denise Kreibich

AD Campaign Assistant:  Michele Miller

WCSPA Booster Meetings:

Note:  All meetings take place in the Little Theatre at SHHS unless otherwise noted.

Wed     Sept 25            Booster Club Meeting 7:00 pm

Sun      Sept 29            WCSPA Booster Picnic at Halmich Park

Wed      Oct 30             Booster Club Meeting 7:00pm

Wed      Nov 6            Shakespeare Night, Level 1  Little Theatre
                                   Booster Club Meeting  7:00pm

Thu       Nov 7            Shakespeare Night, Level 1  Little Theatre
                                   Booster Club Meeting 7:00pm

Wed      Jan  9            Booster Club Meeting 7:00pm

Wed      Jan 29           Booster Club Meeting 7:00pm

Wed    Feb 26             Booster Club Meeting 7:00pm

Wed    Apr  1              Booster Club Meeting 7:00pm

Wed    Apr 29             Booster Club Meeting 7:00pm

Wed    May 13            Booster Club Meeting 8:00pm

Wed    May 27            Booster Club Meeting 7:00pm

Mon     Jun 1                WCSPA Banquet