Wilde's Scholastic Book Fair 

October 23rd - October 26th. 
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Wilde TigerWilde Elementary School Media Center

Mrs. Carrie Rospino, Media Specialist


 Welcome to the Wilde Media Center

Michigan School Library for 21st Century Schools Exemplary Status

The Big 6 Research Skills Developing good problem solving skills while learning to choose appropriate, accurate, and relevant information is quite a challenge for the 21st Century Learner. The Wilde Information Literacy program focuses on a process that can be used to solve any type of question or problem. It is called 'The Big 6'. If you need to research a scientific question or just find a place to order a pizza, The Big 6 approach works!

  • Task Definition - What types of information do you need?
  • Information Seeking Strategies - Determine all possible resources.
  • Location and Access - Locate sources and find information within sources.
  • Use of Information - Engage the information - READ-HEAR-VIEW.
  • Synthesis - Organize information from multiple sources and present a result.
  • Evaluation - How did you do?