Wilde January News  

The Cold is HERE, The Cold is HERE!

With winter upon us and the temperatures dropping we will still continue to go outside for recess.  WCS School Board Policy is 15 degrees.  At Wilde, we follow this WCS Policy and use the “Wind Chill” or “Feels Like” temperature in making this decision.   If students are healthy enough to come to school, they will be going outside.  Please dress your children accordingly as the temperatures are dropping and the wind is picking up.  Hopefully, Mother Nature will turn up the temperatures and we will be able to get outdoors and enjoy this Michigan winter soon. 

If we get to enjoy the snow this winter and the temperatures rise to above 15 degrees, we will have our Winter Wonderland at Wilde.  The Winter Wonderland is simply the grounds at Wilde that do not get snow plowed and are covered in snow.  Students need the “Big 5” to be able to play on the Wilde Winter Wonderland.  The “Big 5” are: Snow Pants, Coat, Winter Hat, Gloves/Mittens, and Snow Boots.  All 5 are needed to explore and play in the snow.  Throwing snowballs or playing on ice at any time on school grounds is not permitted.

We do not go outside if the plows have not plowed the blacktop on the back playground or the “feels like” temperature is below 15 degrees.   We have had recess in a light snow but stay indoors in the rain.

“Happy New Year”

Happy New Year!!  Welcome in 2018.  We have been a Wilde family for half a school year to date.  As I stated in the December letter, the staff and students have been working really hard in our classrooms.  2018 will bring a lot of work and expectations here at Wilde for all students.  The “getting to know you” phase is over and classroom routines are in place.  January, February, and March are months where we really see a lot of student growth in all areas. The more you help and assist at home, the more growth your child will experience.  Please note, I am not asking you become the teacher, but to assist where your child needs additional support.  It can be as easy as reading for 20 minutes a night, working on math problems or even discussing their day and their social and emotional relationships.  I was taught growing up “The more we put into something the more we get out of it.”  As a father and Principal, I see this now more than ever.  The harder we work and the more we grasp today in elementary school the more beneficial it will be for all of us in the future.

Make a Difference

New to 2018 will we be talking to our students about “Making a Difference.”  Making a Difference can be something as simple as: helping a friend, giving someone a compliment, holding the door or being there for someone in need.  Hopefully, in the near future you will hear your children talking about “Making a Difference.”  As parents, we are teaching our children every day in not only what we say to them, but much more by what we do.  This will also play into our “Big Three” here at Wilde.  I will remind everyone of our three intangibles we work on while here at Wilde.  The first is Work Ethic.  We expect everyone to give their best every day.  We all need to be doing our best in everything we do.  The second is Family.  We need to treat everyone as we would want to be treated.  When everyone is working hard and treating their friends and family with respect, Wilde is an incredible place.  The third, Organization and Responsibility.  We all need to be responsible for working hard, knowing the classroom rules and assignments.  Giving our personal best on assignments and learning new skills and information is why we come to Wilde every day.  

 Failure to meet our Wilde expectations can result in loss of school privileges and activities.  If you have any questions regarding your child, please contact your child’s teacher or myself by email or phone by calling 586-294-8490.

Wilde Students Visit Classic Story, Ferdinand

As the December break approaches, Wilde students who have worked hard in and out of the classroom, have displayed great social habits and been responsible, will get to see a classic book on the big screen, Ferdinand.  In a classic, “you can never judge a bull by his cover” this movie sends the message of being true to who you are.  It’s release date is December 15; Wilde will be attending on Monday, December 18th.  There is a cost of 12 dollars per student to attend.  Every student has to have a signed transportation permission form to get on the bus.  The price includes movie, transportation, popcorn and a Sprite.  There are no parent chaperones for this field trip.  The permission forms and money are due to Wilde by December 6th.  There is an on-line option to pay by credit card as well this year, www.wcskids.net/Wilde.  Students who do not attend the movie are allowed to stay here at Wilde.      

Thanks for all your support and hard work this year, 

Matthew A. Guinn