Wordle Project

An adjective is a word that describes a noun.  It gives more information about the noun.  Your task is to create a list of, at least, 10 adjectives that describe you.

Paste these instructions on the top of your Microsoft Word document.
Type your name 3 times in a row.
Type your list of adjectives.  You may have more than 10, but not less. Save your document as Wordle your name. You may save it on your flash drive or on the H Drive.

  • It should look like this:
  • MrsPuzzuoli MrsPuzzuoli MrsPuzzuoli kind curious brave silly short witty spiffy bold clumsy goofy


Explorers Project

Pebble Go--database that includes basic information on most explorers, great first step

Britannica Elementary--encyclopedia with a read aloud feature

Biography--video segments and some articles on most explorers

eBooks electronic books, many biographies availible

Research in Context--a collection of articles about your topic reference, newspaper, magazine

If you have trouble accessing any of the databases from outside of school, go to mel.org and find the database name there (it's an alphabetical list) and click on it.


Softschools Timlines




Ponce de Leon