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Wilkerson REads....



Wilkerson's reading selection for March is Stuart Little by E.B. White.

Thanks to the generosity of our PTO, each Wilkerson family is recieving a copy of the book to read together.  After reading month is over, students may keep the book to build their personal library.

Guest Readers

Each afternoon, we will post an audio recoding of the chaper that has been assigned.  After reading the chaper as a family, listen to the surprise reader and guess who it is!!

Chapter 1--Mr. Schulte

Chapter 2--Mr. Rose

Chapter 3--Mrs. Copp

Chapter 4--Mrs. Choike

Chapter 5--Mrs. DiPaola

Chapter 6--Mr. Mattia

Chapter 7--Mrs. Brinker

Chapter 8--Mrs. Winarski

Chapter 9--Mrs. Thomson

Chapter 10--Mrs. Steinman

Chapter 11--Mr. Russell

Chapter 12--Mrs Puzzuoli

Chapter 13--Mrs. Chupa

Chapter 14--Mrs. Arnold

Chapter 7(Quick Time)

Chapter 7 (Windows Media)

Chapter 8 (Quick Time)

Chapter 8 (Windows Media)

Chapter 9 (Quick Time)

Chapter 9 (Windows Media)

Chapter 10 (Quick Time)

Chapter 10 (Windows Media)

Chapter 11 (Quick Time)

Chapter 11 (Windows Media)

Chapter 12 (Quick Time)

Chapter 12 (Windows Media)

Chapter 13 (Quick Time)

Chapter 13 (Windows Media)

Chapter 14 (Quick Time)

Chapter 14 (Windows Media)

Chapter 15 (Quick Time)

Chapter 15 (Windows Media)